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RCSI, UCD, UCC or UL? Cork, Limerick, Dublin?

  • 28-04-2020 1:17pm
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    Hi everyone,

    Considering the current state of the GAMSAT 2020, I am dubious to whether I will have the luxury of choosing which Uni to undertake graduate medicine. However, should I be so lucky as to score highly I am not quite certain which uni to place as first priority. As a fellow European, but not Irish, I have not had the opportunity to visit UCC or UL, nor the cities in which they reside and would be keen on learning how these cities compare to Dublin. As many of the previous threads on the topic seems outdated, for example not encompassing the new facilities RCSI boasts in Stephens Green, I would love to hear some up-to-date opinions on what attending the schools/programmes is really like.

    (I would dread being single for the next 4 years, so if any account of gay life in Dublin, Cork or Limerick can be shared that would be great but not essential)

    Thanks so much!


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    From what GEMs have told me, UCD is best for the whole Work-Life balance. The facilities are up to scratch from what I have experienced as an undergrad in UCD and no matter which medical school in Ireland you go to, you will get a job as an intern at the end of it. Cork is beautiful as a campus and has a similar teaching style to RCSI in that it starts off with normal physiology and anatomy and progresses to pathological and clinical applications. UL I have heard mixed reviews on. The PBL is different and there is a lack of cadaveric teaching because they use a 3D app based anatomy. While it may not be a big deal for the goal of psychiatry as a job, it would be a big consideration if you want to be a surgeon.

    Gay life is good in UCD because there's and LGBTQ+ soc and I'm pretty sure it's the same in Cork. Regardless where you end up, it is really easy to get to the Pride parade in Dublin every year so no need to stress about that!

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    Thank you, Hopeful GEM!

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    I love the UCC GEM programme. During the pandemic the administration have shown how much they care for the students with good communication and bending over backwards to facilitate learning. UL is barely communicating with students at this time, and the programme seems overall less organised.

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    I would be wary of taking advice on schools from people who do not attend there! Current UL student here, and can’t praise them enough for how they’re handling things.

    UL emphasises self directed learning outside PBL, clinical and anatomy tutorials - but in my experience, the tutors know you very well and any issues are very quickly addressed. It’s definitely an adjustment coming from a UCD undergrad but once you’re settled it’s grand. Good work life balance but probably not as good as Dublin to be honest! Gay life not great either from what friends have told me, Dublin’s probably your best bet there.

    Best of luck! You’ll end up where you’re supposed to!