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New trainers

  • 27-04-2020 7:50pm
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    So I bought a pair of Asics online and got them today - had previously used brooks for my marathon and marathon training but felt like going back to Asics which I had worn for years pervious. Put them on and thought they felt a little snug but said I would take them out for a spin. Did 5k and they were so so so uncomfortable. They feel like they are a half size too small. I’m kicking myself as I shouldn’t have brought then put, should have just returned them. Will in just have to offer it up and take the €180 hit and purchase another pair?


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    Did you break them in? I bought a pair two years ago, went home and knew from a trip to the supermarket they weren't right. Cleaned them off and got them replaced. Easier done in normal times, though.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,083 ✭✭✭ sillymoo

    First time in them was 5k jog this evening on footpath. Despite being just on footpath and road, the soles are black. I think I will just have to keep them and get a different pair which are a little bigger. I’m annoyed as they are the same size as previous pairs but the toe box is really tight and my toes squashed.