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Fairway wood advice

  • 27-04-2020 6:04pm
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    I’ve been offered at a very good price from a friend that’s a pro either a Callaway Rogue 4 wood or a Titleist F2 917 4 wood. Both regular shafts which would suit and brand new ex stock. Only problem is they are in England and I can’t get anywhere to try them. Don’t often buy of the shelf but am on the lookout for something like these and for under a ton sterling it’s a good opportunity.
    Has anyone any thoughts on them?


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    If you dont like them you can probably offload on adverts for a similar price to what you paid...

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    I had the 917 4 wood for a couple of years. Great club but I found it quite low launching.

    The rogue I'd say is a very good club too.