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€100 to spend

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    What would you buy?

    Currently using a Coolfire mini with Innoki Zlide tank and thinking of upgrading, I do love the tank so may retain that with a new purchase.

    I was looking at the Innoki Proton mini but unsure if all the lights and things are really necessary.



  • i would buy some new e-liquid packs.

  • What is it you're after specifically? Is it a nice looking mod? or longevity? Single or dual battery? so many shapes and sizes of mod out there it's hard to recommend just one. But if it's for longevity, a mod that can take a knock, maybe you want to use it for work? then I'd look at the Aegis Legend, which is around €60, get a couple decent batteries and a good charger if needed and you'll be close to topping your budget