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Headsets / Gamepass

  • 20-04-2020 1:33pm
    Registered Users Posts: 429 ✭✭ Blowheads

    Hi all,
    Have 2 kids accounts 2 controllers 2 headsets

    1 child has Gamepass Ultimate

    When both are playing I can see the miceophone picking their voices but each can only hear the game music and not the voices.

    Is this because only one has the Gamepass Ultimate or do I need 2 Live Gold (1 per child) or it's 1 Live Golf per console or they will never hear each other because they are in the same room?

    Suppose what I'm trying to get to is 4 players in Minecraft 2 in 2 houses all talking to each other


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,989 ✭✭✭ Mr Grumble

    If they can all play the game then its not a subscription issue. I wonder if being in the same room is significant? It might be cutting them out to prevent a feedback echo. Try talking from a separate room. Other than that check the chat volumes on the console/PC and on the headsets.

  • Are they on the same Xbox? Then only one subscription is needed. There is an option buried in the settings to share 'gold' across all accounts on the same console. Gamepass Ultimate is Gold + Gamepass in one essentially.

    Not sure if voice chat is enabled in minecraft by default. Try starting a party by pressing the guide button on the controller and inviting the other player and see if that works.