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Degiro - first in first out rule

  • 16-04-2020 1:18pm
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    Hey guys. I’m using degiro to get shares and I was wondering how everyone documents their shares if they buy the same stock at different levels on different days?

    Does degiro auto do the first in first out rule or is it up to you to document it when it comes to selling.If so what do people do to make a note of it.


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    I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. But if you look under "Activity" you can very easily track all your buy/sells. You can choose a date range, filter by individual stock etc.

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    They don't sell your earliest shares first if that's what you mean. You might buy at different prices but you'll only have one holding of shares.

    Buy 100 @ €1.00
    Then buy 100 @ €1.20

    You now have 200 @ €1.20 as the first 100 have increased in price.

    If you sell 50 @ €1.20, you're left with 150 @ €1.20.

    If you're talking about much larger sums and there's CGT owed, Revenue say it's first in, first out. So in this case the profit on the 50 sold will be based on the first purchase which is €10 profit. Obviously nothing would be owed on €10 but that's how you would work it out with larger sums too. I don't know if Degiro show this, I think you have to work it out yourself.

    Also I didn't take into consideratin any fees.