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Compound bow string (information)

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    I need to replace the bowstring on my 55lb compound bow.
    I was adjusting the peep sight on the string and looks like some of the strings became frayed.
    Looking online to replace the string and there are lots of strings available for recurved bows but very few available for compound bows.

    I have a portable bow press. Given the current pandemic going to an archery shop for several months may not be an option.
    Just wondering if anyone has any information or experience with replacing compound bow strings? What to look out for and whats the difference between the two bow types? Im guessing you cannot use a recurved bow string in a compound bow.....

    My bow is an SAS 55 lb Compound Bow in case anyone was wondering.
    Still learning to shoot it but having a lot of fun learning to put the arrow on target. :)


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    A quick google shows you can get a direct replacement, mainly from US sellers. Using a freightforwarding service so its delivered to a US address is probably your best bet.

    Compound strings are always made to measure for the specific bow. Recurve strings tend to be generic sizes.

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    had you give a call to the archeryshop.ie ?? owner is very helpful in any situation, so just tell him the exact size of the string and im sure he will make it for you ,he can leave it somewhere for you if you ask so you dont need to worry about social distance at that point

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