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Strong bread flour

  • 10-04-2020 8:24am
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    Anyone know where you can buy it. Any of the shops or online stores I use are all sold out.


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    Anyone know where you can buy it. Any of the shops or online stores I use are all sold out.

    Have you tried Asian wholesalers?

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,794 ✭✭✭ Planet X

    Try Pallas Foods,

    Got a 16kg sack last week and 5kg sack of Pasta flour.

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    Almost impossible to get strong flour atm. If you add wheat gluten to plain flour you'll get a good substitute. Wheat gluten can be found in places like Holland & Barrett.

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    My tesco had dates up on the shelf edge labels for the flour, many of them saying back in stock on 30-04-20 some saying the 16th. The shelves were nearly bare but I saw 2 full shrink wrapped batches of odlums cream flour at the very top of the shelving unit.

    Loads of bread available still.

    If they were smart they would start stocking gluten so people can mix it in to make "strong" flour.

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    Try total produce if there is one near you. I got a 25kg bag there

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    Nolan's had bags of Organic SF last week, only €2.50 or so. Limited to one bag per customer.

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    The natural health store in Kilkenny do marriages strong white flour, very easy get there and very good for pizza

  • Registered Users Posts: 859 ✭✭✭ Arbie

    For anyone in Dublin, Bread 41 on Pearse Street are selling strong white flour, 1kg for €2.50

    I got some during the week.