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Suggestions for online game that works with headset

  • 04-04-2020 5:27pm
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    It's been many, many years since I played online games, so I need some advice.

    Was curious if people have thoughts on what a good online game might be I can play during the lockdown to keep a friend who lives alone company?

    Requirements: No Playstation or XBox, just something that works a standard laptop (i.e. no serious high-end suggestions please!).

    In terms of theme - I was more of a Quake / Doom kind of player than Online Golf or Championship Manager, so anything like that would be great. Maybe something with a bit of Tom Clancy-like strategy? Game doesn't have to be free, but cheap would be a benefit!

    Clearly something that works with a headset for conversation would be a big plus.

    Thanks in advance!


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    I think to get a better answer, you'd be better to ask in the PC Gaming Forum, post up the stats of your laptop and they would be better able to recommend. I can think of a few FTP games, but without the capabilities of your laptop it would be hard to recommend.

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    Will do, cheers!