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The Platform (Netflix)

  • 04-04-2020 1:35pm
    Registered Users Posts: 3,647 ✭✭✭ Homelander

    Given this movie is trending on Netflix, I'd say a fair few people have watched it, so worth getting a discussion going.

    Not your typical movie - a sort of dark, sci-fi dystopian thriller. It's Spanish, and most definitely best watched subtitled in original language.

    Personally, I loved it. Reminded me a lot of the movie Cube and it's sequels, to draw a comparison.

    The premise is basic - a vertical prison with hundreds of floors, each occupied by 2 inmates, who change floor every month. One month you could be on level 10, the next, level 180.

    Every day the food platform starts at Level 0 laden and descends with a dazzling banquet of food, stopping at every level for only a moment or two.

    Understandably, the food doesn't last long beyond the first few dozen floors....

    Personally I didn't watch the trailer as I imagine it probably gives a lot away, particularly in this type of film which are always best left to unfold on screen without any real expectations.


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    I watched is and thought it was decent enough - similar in approach to Cube, the late 90s film, although not quite as good. There's some more discussion of it in the Netflix thread, though I know a fair few folk in there didn't think much of it.

    I just watched the trailer and it gives away far too much - not quite in a "no point watching the film" way, but definitely it gives away things better found out while viewing.

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    I enjoyed it well enough. It's definitely a film that doesn't answer any questions about the context. You just have to accept that there's a lot of questions you might have that just won't be answered. Accepting that, it's fun and philosophical but intermittently gory.