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Film shot in Dublin on Vimeo(cant remember much)

  • 29-03-2020 2:10pm
    Registered Users Posts: 5,422 ✭✭✭ califano

    I'm trying to find an Irish made film shot in Dublin hosted on Vimeo. I started watching it briefly last year and needed to leave it but I and cant find it now. I didnt click like at the time so its not bookmarked in settings and cant find it when I filter it down in the search. Wonder would anyone know it.

    One of the opening scenes the male character was in a Dublin cafe and has a few financial problems. He takes a drive out to the shelly banks at the Poolbeg twin towers. There he pulled in to ask a girl who looked in distress did she need a lift, he pulled alongside a few times and she eventually got in. Well spoker, strong willed girl but with her own issues also.

    That's where I left it!. I wonder would it ring a bell with anybody if they knew the name of it!?.