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gpu fans go from 0 to 60% ramp up in rendering or demanding scenes and back to 0 ?

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    Ive recently purchased gigabyte 1650 super, and noticed at first at pubg game that when it launches few mins in environment looks like lacking rendering then fans ramp up to 60% from 0, then it never happens again.

    though maybe just bad gaming engine as pubg goes, but did launch skyrim, dunno what graphics setting it selected think 4k, and noticed it happening on off every few mins as well in large demanding render scenes. now i dont play on 4k just full hd but feel like something is off, do know that gpus nowadays have this fans off function when idle as not to cause sound but surely fan speed should adjust accordingly to application.

    pic attached from afterburner after being in game for few mins, seems card only reached just above 50c and fans hit 60% and idle down eventually :confused:


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