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Creating a Template doc using an EPS File

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    I've asked a graphic designer to create a company letterhead for me and they have provided me with the output in the following formats:

    Adobe Acrobat Document
    Adobe Photoshop Document
    Encapsulated PostScript File
    JPG File

    I've not got any way of editing in Adobe so it would presumably be the EPS file that I use for this task.

    What I want to do is to create a MS Word Template document and embed the letterhead so that I can just open a MS Word (or Open Office) doc and write whatever into it without requiring adjustment of the embedded letterhead.

    how do I go about doing this?



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    It doesn't really matter which you use since you can copy the letterhead/logo from all of them (including pdf via screenshot - enlarge it first to get good quality), but jpg or eps is probably the handiest. The simplest way would be just to put it in the header of your template document. See the instructions here: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Letterhead.

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    The person told me to use the EPS file as it scalable unlike the JPG. The file is a full A4 page with header and footer - they are not individual headers and footers.

    When embed the jpg as an image the cursor thinks it is an image (even though I've sent to to the back [and anchored it]) instead of providing me with the normal text cursor which looks like a capital 'I'.

    So, I need to embed the file into a Word doc as a background or something in order for Word to forget about it. It's really annoying that the cursor does not work as per a normal doc - instead thinking the whole page is an image, unless hovered over an area of text.

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