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Driving Range Sessions

  • 21-03-2020 7:50pm
    Registered Users Posts: 381 ✭✭ Danny dyers double

    Playing golf on and off now about 6 years or so.
    But only really now understanding the mechanics of the swing if that's makes sense.
    Used to be a case of swinging my arms and hopefully hitting the ball, I'm sure that sounds familiar to most golfers on here.

    Watch alot of Rick Shiels on utube and he did a good video on making the most from a driving range session.
    Today I did that, I broke session into 2 halves.
    First half technical stuff, few drills to get the feeling of starting swing from ground up.
    It's getting better but not quite there yet.
    Second half was all target based. Every single shot had a routine, practice swing and fire. I tried make it as near to real play as possible.

    And got 30 minutes of Chipping practice afterwards.
    Even got a couple of videos of my swing to see any glaring faults. Sway on my backswing been the major one.

    Up until today it was smash 80 balls into the range. Actually finished today with 10 drives, picked imaginary fairway and made note of results.

    So was just wondering to myself what most lads do when they go themselves. I know most will say work on lessons they may have had. But other than that is there any structure to your sessions