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Best gun for the medic class?


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    SMG play close support to your squad.

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    No, it was the brand of SMG to use.

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    I've started playing as medic now a bit on certain maps (usually recon/assault) and 90% of the medic guns are utter ****. Why have they nerfed the class so badly compared to other BF games?

    They added the jungle/commando carbine lately via Tides of War so will give them a go, hopefully be better, but the default range of weapons is useless unless you're on a CQB map (which is rare).

    I personally find the sten is generally the best overall SMG in medic class to cover most scenarios/situations as I don't like swapping weapons between games so much. Like the MP40/Tommy too for CQB but utterly useless at any sort of range.

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    The game is so much harder that Battlefield 1942. I've gotton a little better and I was going to grind the medic up to the Tommy Gun but if your having issues as a regular I wont bother.

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    In other BF games the medics always had access to decent multi-role guns. In BFV they seem to have decided that medics should only have CQB weapons even though most maps are medium to long range maps.

    Maybe it's a way to sort of force people to play medic rather than be overly focused on combat, no idea. I find I end up barely bothering to shoot, often I am near top of the leaderboard with 1 kill and about 5 deaths, rest is pure healing/revive....not much fun though never getting to shoot anything.

    I haven't tried the new Jungle/Commando carbines yet but hoping that will address the problem for me.

    The most versatile role is assault. You can basically play highly effective long range, medium range or CQB with the range of guns on offer.

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