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Proposal that the CAO recognise Leaving Cert Mock Results


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    Can't see how it would work being honest whilst maintaining integrity of the CAO process or the entire exam system as a whole...

    Mock exams are not run in the same controlled way as the SEC exams are so guarantees against cheating, paper leaks, etc. cannot be made nor are corrections done under the control of the SEC.

    They're not run at the same time from school to school so student in School B might have access to papers from School A that ran theirs earlier.

    You don't even sit the same paper from school to school because it relies on whoever your teacher bought the papers off so no benchmark exists for the test in terms of fairness.

    Mocks are often used to shape the final revision plan of classes based on identified weak points, they're not run as *the* exam so could argue it creates a disadvantage to students.

    Too many variables, too many could, should, would. Just don't see it happening.

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    No Colm

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,111 ✭✭✭ KildareP

    One subject in one school is one thing - the article even notes it caused a lot of anger and upset.

    The entire 2020 exam system in all schools for all subjects is another story entirely.

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    Course points would fall drastically which should reletively even things out, as well as a bell curve being applied I believe the mocks may be the only benchmark we have, especially if the virus is able to get a foot hold.

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    The whole situation regarding education, Junior and Leaving Cert implications will, I am sure, come to the fore in due course. That's not yet though as we need to see some light at the end of the tunnel before getting into some of those things

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