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What is priming in media

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    Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 1,483 mr_fegelien

    I'm not sure whether this topic fits here but I'm studying agenda setting, priming, and framing.

    I kind of have an idea of what agenda setting and framing are but not priming. Could someone explain it please?


  • Mr Fegelien, I think Psychology may be a better fit than English - you are not really looking for the meaning of a word or phrase, its more a concept. I will move this to Psychology and close it till the Psych Mods decide whether they agree. If they decide to send it back to English it can be opened again here.

  • Thread reopened. Psychology forum charter now applies.

  • In psychology priming normally means getting the person into a certain mental state before another thing.. ufff sorry that makes no sense, how do i explain it

    Imagine I am going to show you that famous duck/rabbit optical illusion

    if i want you to see it as a bird i will show you lots of pictures of lakes and stuff
    if i want you to see it as a rabbit i will show you pictures of carrots and stuff

    The pictures I show you first are me "priming" you, so when you get someone in the mood to think or react in a certain way you are "priming" them. They use it a lot a lot in psychology experiments.

    Agenda setting and Framing, those sound like communications or media study things, don't want to say what i think they mean and be wrong since they are probably specific terminology in that field