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Samsung S5E ~ 5ghz Wifi Authentication issue?

  • 09-03-2020 8:02am
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    Gave my wife a 128g S5E Wifi for her birthday today, tablet refuses to connect to 5ghz wifi, states "authentication error". I've;

    Checked the password many, many times. It's not a password issue and the 2.4ghz connects fine, it uses the same password. Have re-entered the password on my phone and it connects fine so definitely have not forgotten the password

    Reset router, same problem, 2.4 is fine, 5 will not connect

    Dropped other phones in the house off the 5g wireless in case it was an issue with too many devices, same problem

    Updated the tablet to the latest Android update and restarted, still won't connect

    Turned on the 5ghz hotspot on my S10 and the tablet is unable to connect, same issue as home wifi , can connect to S10 2.4ghz hotspot no problem.

    I can see the 5ghz wifi in settings and I've tried holding the tablet in different ways and even leaving it on the table so I don't think it's related to the issue with blocked signal I see some posts about.

    Have an increasingly unhappy wife, appreciate any help!