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Temporary forum relocation!

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    Hey all,

    Boards have started to clean up some of the quieter, less action-filled sub-forums on the site. GTA5 was released initially a good few years ago now & although it was very popular at the time, due to the recent inactivity in the GTA forum it has been decided that the forum itself will be closed (hopefully temporarily until GTA6 arrives!) and moved to The Attic. All the current threads etc will be maintained & accessible there for the time being. If needed, any GTA chat in the meantime could probably be confined to a single thread in the main Gaming forum & if discussion surrounding the GTA series springs to life again, we could look at reopening the dedicated forum.

    So glad I got to be a (small) part of this Boards GTA community, playing online with you all was always a laugh & filled with fun & games. Looking forward to playing the next GTA with the same crew!

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