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Storms through history with your own name.

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    There seems to be an ever increasing number of storms these days, every storm has a different name of course, but has there ever been any storms named after you?

    Type storm and then your first name into your search engine, and copy and paste the information here.

    My real names David so I’ll go first, this is what I found out.

    Cyclone David (1976), a very large tropical cyclone that struck the Cairns region of Australia
    Hurricane David (1979), a category 5 hurricane in the North Atlantic that caused over 2,000 deaths in the Dominican Republic and other parts of the Caribbean
    Typhoon David (1997), a category 2 typhoon that affected the Aleutian islands as a tropical storm
    Tropical Storm David (2009), whose remnants brought heavy rain to the islands of Mauritius and Réunion in the southwestern Indian Ocean
    Cyclone David/Friederike (2017), an Atlantic extratropical cyclone that brought intense winds, rain and snowfall particularly to central Europe, creating blizzard conditions and causing devastations and traffic disruptions.