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Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation @ house front

  • 27-02-2020 5:09am
    Registered Users Posts: 13 ✭✭✭ boardasadroid

    *dumb Questions*:confused:

    with a Single Room Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation unit

    can they be mounted at the front of the house (converted garage/granny flat) or do they need planning permission if at the front ?

    do they externally exhaust steam like a gas boiler, or drip water outside ?


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 3,364 ✭✭✭ rolion

    They look like a exhaust gas boiler pipe but prepare to be unpleasant surprised by its limited capabilities,noise and price.

    Can i ask you the reasons why you need a single unit ? For a single room ?
    Whats the reason(s) that forces you to install not onely a single unit but a HRV solution ?

    Why not a single unit of AC system ?
    Why not a centralised small HRV unit ?

    If not fussy on the electronics ,you can buy off ebay from UK supplier less than €500 for 4 rooms,all kit delivered @home.

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    thank you for your reply.

    my choice is because i just need one rooms ventilation improved (single room)
    the passive wall vents are not good enough and the windows can not be left open for security reasons (mechanical)
    it is a converted garage on cold side of house, a cold room, hard to heat quick to cool (heat recovery)

    quick install + low maintenance (minimum bends) are a bonus

    thats the reasoning :)

    do you know (or anyone else) if a single room mhrv unit requires planning permission if installed at the front of a standard city semi-d/terraced house?

    and will they emit steam or drip water from the exhaust? ty

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    sorry, i just saw your video (it was blocked by a browser addon :D)

    the exhaust here looks smaller than the others ive seen, like this one


    from your vid im guessing the answer is ->no planning + no steam/drips