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Caring for Carers Research

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    **Research participants needed**

    What is the research about?
    This study aims to explore the meaning of ‘self-care’ for individuals who have cared for, or are caring for, an individual with a terminal illness

    What’s involved?
    You will be eligible to take part if you are
    currently caring for an individual with a terminal
    illness or have previously cared for an individual
    with a terminal illness within the last five years.
    Participating will include partaking in a
    conversational interview with the researcher in
    which you will be asked about your experiences
    caring for an individual with a terminal illness, the
    supports you received throughout and the ways in
    which you may or may not have cared for your own
    emotional needs during this time. The interview may take
    up to one hour to complete but there is no time restriction!

    If this sounds like something that may interest you please feel free to contact me and I can provide you with more information!