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PSTN CallerId showing 'Out of Area' on SPA3102

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    For the past couple of weeks my Linksys SPA-3102 is not displaying PSTN caller IDs. I am using hotvoip as my VOIP provider and the VOIP caller Id is working fine. I have set all outgoing calls to route via hotvoip which works fine. But the Caller ID is not showing correctly on the phone. It is displaying 'Out of Area' every time. I have set the following CallerID settings on the SPA-3102

    Regional : Caller ID Method : "bellcore (N.Amer, China)"
    Regional : Caller ID FSK Standard: : "bell 202"
    Line1 : Block CID Serv : "no"
    Line1 : CID Serv : "yes"
    Line1 : CWCID Serv: : "yes"
    PSTN Line : PSTN-To-VoIP Gateway Enable : "yes2"
    PSTN Line : PSTN CID For VoIP CID : "yes"
    PSTN Line : PSTN CID Number Prefix : ""
    PSTN Line : PSTN CID Name Prefix : ""

    Has anyone set up a SPA-3102 and got PSTN - Caller ID to work?
    If so what settings did you use (I've tried playing around with multiple different regional settings but can't get a setting to work).