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    Im trying to give up cigs. In fact, its a necessity that I do. I read allen carrs book and strange as it sounds i dont feel like i have the pscyological problems any more. Couldnt give a flying feck about not having it after a meal, or that my life would "never be the same again".

    My problem is the inital physical withdrawal. It is so unbelievably intolerable I have to keep going back to the cigs.

    Its like having an unbelievable toothache and smoking is your nurofen. Without it, its unbearable.

    I want to give up so bad but cant deal with the intensity of the withdrawals.

    I have tried nicotine replacement therapy and it just doesnt work for me.

    I do deep breathing, but feel like i cant catch my breath.

    Anyone have any advice for me?

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