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Starting A Martial Arts Business

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    Hi All,
    Looking for thoughts/advice.
    I’m just after taking early retirement from work(still in my 40s) and I am thinking of converting a shed close to my house into a Dojo.
    I live in the country about 3 miles from closest town, with another town and 3 villages within 8 miles. People here are used to travelling to activities. I have been running some Judo classes for the last few years in 3 locations; numbers are good in 2 of the areas not so good in the 3rd.
    What I am thinking of doing if I set up the dojo, would be stopping one of the locations and running it in the new Dojo and maybe adding an extra class, there is also the freedom of running extra class for Kata, open mat and starting Shotokan Karate (which is my 2nd style). At the moment I have a Van on the road transporting mats between 2 of the locations, that is a cost I might be able to stop.
    Just wondering if there is any other Clubs/Dojo in rural areas and how are they doing.


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