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Golf bank society

  • 20-02-2020 12:58pm
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    We've a society going using a bank account and a cheque book. We've no online access to it as AIB wanted 3 or 4 hundred euro a year for that service, so owe have to rely on paper statements which is a bit of a PITA as there's a couple of weeks delay between somebody lodging money and the treasurer seeing it. This causes problems because coming up to deadlines, it can be hard to see whom has paid. Also we want to make it easier for members. We always go on a trip abroad every year so between that and subs about €25k goes through the account.
    We were thinking of doing something with either Revolut for business or the group Vaults facility within Revolut. Then letting guys pay via Revelot and then xfering the money to the AIB account.
    Anybody involved in a society or other organisation doing anything with Revlout or N26 or anything else ??


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    I've seen guys do it with revolut alright.
    They send out links which basically act as invoices allowing anyone to pay into the revolut account, they dont need to have revolut accounts themselves.
    Alternatively could you try paypal?
    It will show what came in and from whom. Someone will need to keep track of any payments that come out from the bank account (unless you are paying for things via Paypal!)

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    Thanks for that. Interesting that people don't need Revolut accounts to pay.
    Must investigate that.