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I know what I want design-wise, just not sure how I get this done!

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    Hi all,
    I have a social media presence in the Fantasy Premier League circle and I wan't to significantly upgrade my graphical content. I know exactly what I want but I haven't a clue how to create it or what tools to learn. It may even be a case that I hire someone to do it for me...any help and information you can give is greatly appreciated.

    I have attached a few screengrabs...

    "FPL REAL" shows what the official fantasy football team roster looks like on the official FPL page. Note that they have the official kits etc.

    "FFFix" have a similar layout but they have created their own version of the shirts. This means there is no issue with using the official shirts.

    I want to create something similar to the FFFix offering.

    1) I need to create 20 shirts, one for each of the 20 Premier League teams.

    2) I need create a template or a program where the correct shirt and name appear in one of the preferred slots in the field (instead of manually going into an assets folder and finding the right team and the right name and then drag them into teh right place every time.) So, for example, I type "Salah" and the Liverpool shirt gets dropped in and "Salah" gets populated into the correct text box.

    So how would I go about each step?

    Thanks all - deeply appreciate the advice here!

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