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Looking for participants in bipolar documentary

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    Hi, hope this is okay to post here. I am a documentary filmmaker and bipolar sufferer. I am looking to meet people who may have strong recollections or experiences of synchronicity ie, observing many recurring unexplained coincidences, particularly leading up to a high period, and might be willing to speak about them on camera? I am just starting by doing some informal research interviews (audio only) to see if this is a viable subject for a short film. Please email if you are at all interested or know someone who might be. Documentaries have screened at festivals in the past. Thanks.

    Also looking for people who may have experienced hallucinations/shapes/patterns in the moments between wakefulness and sleep? They are often referred to as Hypnagogic Hallucinations. Do you see them as that, or perhaps something more?

    Would be interested to hear people's points of view!