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Hearing aid advice

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    hi, looking for advice in regards to hearing aids. I currently use HSE supplied hearing aids, which to be fair, I don't have much issue with. They do the job intended but I still struggle in groups and busy environments. The only factor that's making me consider upgrading is that id like to possibly do a internship in the summer and will definitely be doing one come January, and I believe id struggle in that environment. I'm not under the impression that a top of the range hearing will fix my issues but I do have to ask myself am I doing all I possibly can to set my self up for success?. A top of the range hearing aid from fergusons (Limerick hearing specialist) would be pricey but if it was a big improvement I think they would be justified. I wouldnt like to pay it though if it was only a marginal difference. Any info would be appreciated. thanks


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    Specsavers have mid-range hearing aids that are supposed to be good for noisy environments. Advance Premium and Advance Super.


    I'm planning to get a pair like that next year. I'm keeping my expectations low as I find modern hearing aids react too often to the slightest noise change and that can be irritating when stirring a cup of tea becomes a hearing aid event.

    The good thing about Specsavers and other Audiologists is that they often have a 90 day money back guarantee so if it turns out the new aids are no better than your HSE ones then you can return them. If you have PRSI you can save 500 euros per aid too.

    Hope this helps.

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    You'll always struggle in groups busy environments with hearing aids. HSE hearing aids are generally the best you can get appropriate to your level of hearing loss. There is better hearing aids you can get privately but the improvements are only marginal and you'll still find yourself struggling in groups/busy environments. There is assistive technology that can help which are available from Chime. I'm currently going through Cochlear Implant assessment with Beaumont which is a long process. They've deemed me suitable for a CI and it seems it will reduce my hearing loss from severe/profound to mild. Might be something for you to look into depending on your level of hearing loss.

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