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FreeNow vs Uber - Question for drivers (Premium)

  • 10-02-2020 12:26am
    Registered Users Posts: 18 ✭✭✭ offalymike

    Hi, has anyone experience driving for Uber Executive (Black), and for FreeNow Premium in Dublin? Is there work as a limo driver with their apps? My friend has a car also that may get accepted with FreeNow but not with Uber Black due to the number of seats. Would FreeNow be enough to get work in North Dublin?
    Also how about offering the car for rental or ceremonies online, is there enough work if the car is of high standards and licenced as a limo and for any SPSV holder to drive?


  • Registered Users Posts: 10,612 ✭✭✭✭ Spook_ie

    My thoughts, dump the E Class buy a Mercedes Vito or other high class multiseater, have it converted to WC accessible and plate it up as a wheel chair Hackney, if the vehicle is of sufficient corporate image then use it on Uber and Free Now via their app ( no idea what they charge the customer or how much they keep as comission ) but you'll pick up pub, hotel and restaurant work both as a multiseater and as a WA vehicle, and the only signage required is for the accessible door @ 105mm high lettering and symbol

    Then put your name out to the corporate clients in your area as available for WA limousine work, afaik very few people offer the WA side of limo work.