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  • 06-02-2020 10:47am
    Registered Users Posts: 11 plane2556

    Hi All,
    I am guessing that this is the correct forum to post on.
    This may sound stupid but if you dont ask you dont get as they say.
    I am currently living with family and I am looking to move out at some stage in the next few months.
    I know a few people who are looking to house share which is a good advantage but I have a few concerns at the same time.. like anything, you have to take risks.. I have heard awful horror stories with people I know who house share, from noisy/messy/disrespectful house mates etc..

    But here's the thing, I work as a flight attendant so work long hours and would need to sleep after long flights etc.. , Is it possible to have a 1 bedroom apartment just for myself by myself? I am aware it is very expensive to live on your own (especially in this country) and also - again, may sound stupid but I have never lived out of home before - How does the length of stay work? example - if the landlord was looking for someone to live in a property for lets say 1 year.. Does that mean once that 1 year is up that I may have to go and look elsewhere to live? Or do landlords tend to extend tenants length of stay if they are satisfied that you are a good tenant etc...

    I have looked into properties but cant seem to find anything that is a 1 bedroom for 1 person.. it is all 2 or 3 bedroom etc.. (Housesharing Only)

    Many Thanks In Advance :)


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    If you can afford it and find it you can rent it.

    Part 4 tenancies run for 6 year cycles and once a tenancy passes 6 months it is classed as part 4 (even if the document signed is a 1 year fixed term)

    You can only be asked to leave a part 4 tenancy under certain circumstances such as the landlord needing for personal or family use.

    At the end of the 6 year cycle you can be asked to leave for any reason.

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    If you sign a 1 year fixed term contract- and wish to stay after this period- you inform the landlord well in advance that you intend to continue the tenancy. If you do not notify the landlord of your intention, and the year elapses, you are then liable for any costs a landlord may incur in their attempts to relet the property (agency fees, advertising etc).

    If you sign a fixed term contract- while you do acquire Part IV rights (tenancy rights for a 6 year rolling period) you still have to notify the landlord of your intention to continue to stay.

  • Registered Users Posts: 11 plane2556

    **mod please delete**

    thank you