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Laptop for Revit


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    Med101007 wrote: »
    What are the minimum specs you would need on a laptop to run Revit?
    I recently bought a 8GB RAM, 256 SSD laptop and I was wondering would these specs be good enough to run Revit efficiently.

    Probably not satisfactorily. I wouldn't like to be using less than 16GB. My current set up is 32GB and it's mostly fine but I work on large models.

    256GB SSD should be fine if you don't have many other programs, but Revit itself takes up a lot of disk space, 30gb I think. An SSD is the way to go though.

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    As suggested 8 gb of ram will not cut it with Revit
    If you have to use a laptop you need somehing with a bit of welly
    our organisation usually use Lenovo p52 with 64 gb of ram and a 500gb ssd we have prob 50 of them out
    The preferred option is a hp z8 with 96 gb ram a ssd for the os and a 2tb drive for storage and temp files for Revit and Navis

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    I have Revit on my laptop which has 8gb ram, it is not enough to function properly.

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