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UAN port within same provider

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    I am renting a room in a house that previously had Virgin Media. The previous tenant is now leaving and has cancelled the existing contract. I now want to sign up to Virgin Media myself but the owner of the house wants to keep the landline number as they've had it for many years. It looks like I need a UAN port, but can that be done from Virgin > Virgin or am I going to need to move to another network?

    To be clear, the contract is cancelled and has lapsed as of this week.

    I've tried ringing Virgin Media and did not get a clear answer. One guy said it's not possible, one guy said it might be possible.

    I've tried ringing Eir and they want to know if the landline was initially allocated by Virgin Media or by Eir. I do not know the answer to that, and I don't understand why this matters.

    I'm really confused about how overly complicated this is..


  • According to Virgin I need to:
    1. Sign up to a new VM package and get a new landline number
    2. Add the previous tenant as a contact on the account (Not a problem)
    3. Call Virgin Media and explain the situation then put through a UAN port to reclaim the old number

    This all seems very complicated and unnecessary..

    Eir seem to make this a lot easier on their website. If I can get the old UAN it looks like I can just port the number while placing the order. I'd love the additional speed that VM can offer but honestly the hassle I have to go through to make this work...

    I guess I could:
    1. Sign up to Eir and submit the port
    2. Cancel during the cooling off period
    3. Sign up to Virgin Media over the phone and provide the new UAN from Eir


  • Since the port is Virgin Media -> Virgin Media, Eir are not involved in this process. It will depend on Virgin Media's process for customer moves. I would keep it simple:

    1. Existing customer will need to move their address. If they are not an account holder, ring VM with the new account holder and change the name on the a/c.
    2. You then sign up for a new VM connection at your address. For reference, UAN is the same for all VM customers.

    The ports for VM are not Mac address locked due to the nature of the cable network so you can order broadband and connect as if someone wasn't living there.