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24kwh Nissan Leaf carwings

  • 29-01-2020 8:35pm
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    Hello I could do with some help from you.
    Our 24kwh leaf has been deregistered by Nissan and original owner removed.

    We followed instructions given by Nissan, registered ok got two emails to one to say sim card activated and carwings registration.

    We put details into car and nothing and still have grey car with axe through it.

    According to Nissan the tech needs reset.

    We live in Cork so I rang Kevin O'Leary - they said they don't do everything serving.
    I rang Kearys Cork three times but no answer.
    These are main dealers in Cork lol.

    Can anyone recommend how I can get reset done somewhere near Cork or advise on how to get it working.
    Below is part of email Nissan sent.
    Many thanks for help

    Please follow the instructions below to create a Carwings account and add your vehicle.

    1. Create a Carwings account
    2. Complete onboard activation in vehicle
    3. Download and log into NissanConnect EV app
    4. If difficulties occur completing above steps, please provide requested information in this section

    Below are instructions and guidance on how to complete these steps:

    (1) Create Carwings account:

    ⦁ Go to to create a Carwings account
    ⦁ Complete details requested on each page and click button to go to next page
    ⦁ Please be aware that:
    ⦁ "Carwings Login" field is used as User ID for app and onboard activation
    ⦁ Please be aware that it is case sensitive
    ⦁ Terms and conditions must be accepted to set up a Carwings account
    ⦁ On page that asks for a "Vehicle Display Name", this can be anything you want
    ⦁ When Carwings account is created, page loads that says "Congratulations!"

    (2) Complete onboard activation:

    ⦁ Wait for email confirming Carwings account has been activated
    ⦁ If no such email is received after an hour, ask us to check if SIM card is activated
    ⦁ Once email received or SIM card confirmed to be activated, then go to vehicle
    ⦁ Turn on navigation system and push "Zero Emission" button
    ⦁ Touch "Carwings"
    ⦁ Touch "Carwings Settings"
    ⦁ Touch "Security Settings"
    ⦁ Touch "User ID", enter User ID, and touch "OK"
    ⦁ User ID is Carwings Login
    ⦁ Remember User ID is case sensitive
    ⦁ Touch "Password", enter password, and touch "OK"
    ⦁ Password is also case sensitive
    ⦁ Touch "Activate Security Settings", confirm, and touch "Yes"

    If you have difficulties completing onboard activation, please look at car icon in top right corner of navigation system:

    ⦁ Car icon should be white with signals coming out
    ⦁ This indicates vehicle has network coverage
    ⦁ If car icon is grey, vehicle in an area with no signal
    ⦁ Drive around until car icon is white with signals coming out
    ⦁ If car icon grey with line, strike, or axe through the it
    ⦁ TCU (Telematics Control Unit) not activated
    ⦁ Note if TCU not activated, vehicle cannot communicate to data centre
    ⦁ Contact your local Nissan dealership for a “TCU Reset” to activate TCU


  • Registered Users Posts: 81,226 ✭✭✭✭biko

    Cleaned the OP a bit so it is easier to read.

    On topic, carwings is mentioned here
    When you have the Vehicle Registration Certificate in your own name, you send a scan of that and proof of address via email to [email protected] and it can be set up with your details then.

    Part of setting it up involves you creating an account and entering details into the computer on the car, but the instructions provided by Nissan for all that are very clear and simple.

    One big advantage of doing this is that you can then use your smartphone to remotely turn on the preheating in your car.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,922 ✭✭✭jkforde

    anyone know how often a 2012 Leaf transmits status, usage etc. data to Nissan's Carwings servers? I'm using MyLeaf on the phone but the trip data is always out-of-date, even with refreshes. ta

    🌦️ 6.7kwp, 45°, SSW, mid-Galway 🌦️