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Philosophy or History

  • 29-01-2020 8:25pm
    Registered Users Posts: 17 ✭✭✭ mynygma

    Hey, sorry about the long post but I'd really appreciate any input.

    I have both history & philosophy down on my CAO, but I'm struggling to figure out which would be best for me in college.
    My choices are all TSM (or joint honors these days), probably with a language.
    So basically one of:

    Philosophy+French (or maybe German, but that's less familiar to me)
    History+German (You can't do French with History anymore if the website is right ): )

    or, there's always History+Philosophy, though I'd like to do a year/semester abroad so I'm not sure how likely that is with this.

    I find philosophy and how it teaches you to think fascinating, and I would definitely get something out of it, but maybe I'd be just
    as well off joining the Metafizz soc and reading 'philosophical' books? Opinions?

    The appeal of history to me is how much you can learn about people and the modern world through the past. I think it's beyond interesting learning about
    how the world came to be like this, and being able to see parallels between then and now.
    I'm not doing history for the LC though and I know it would be very, very different from my junior cert days so it would really be a new experience and I'm
    worried some topics might bore me

    A slight problem with history TSM is the lack of French. I don't do German for the LC and so I'm far, far less familiar with the culture/liturature/whole vibe
    of Germany than I am with France. I want to learn German at some stage anyway and I'm not concerned about learning the language itself, but more the other parts of the course. I'm bit worried that I'd end up not liking the course since I know a lot less about what I would be signing myself up for. I might start another thread about this though as I'm really talking about history/philosophy here.

    This is a bit long so I'll stop here. I think what I'm looking for are peoples' experiences of the subjects, particularly if anyone here did history+philosophy as you'll be able to compare the two!

    P.S. No bull**** about the 'uselessness' of arts degrees thanks
    P.P.S. I realise all my other posts are about physics which is kind of contradictory but I'm really interested in both humanities & sciences and have not yet decided what to put down as my #1. Right now I'm trying to figure out which I'd enjoy most and go from there.