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Selling paper shares

  • 23-01-2020 3:26pm
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    Apologies from the start if I don't use the correct terms, I have also searched and couldn't find similar thread

    My mam has a 71 shares in Marks and Spencer from a employee scheme years ago and she has the paper share certificate. She wants to sell and has asked me to help. They are UK shares and she has being receiving dividends from Equinti, I registered with them and tried to sell them online but you can't as I'm not UK national. I rang them up and they are sending out paper form to sell them, she did say that it might be easier to sell them with Irish Stockbroker.

    I had a look at DeGiro and they said they don't seem to sell paper shares. Can anybody advise as the amount is quite large for us over €10,000.

    If anybody has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it.