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Reproducing restaurant burger

  • 16-01-2020 10:50pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,885 ✭✭✭ IrishZeus

    Hi all,

    I’m looking for some guidance!

    I am wondering how I would go about reproducing a “juicy” burger, for lack of a better word. I’m a big burger fan and often home-make them along with buying specialty burgers form butchers.

    However, I have recently been trying to recreate a Bunsen type burger at home and I’m not even getting close. What I’m looking for is that very soft, juicy texture. I’m looking for advice around meat type (fat/lean, any particular cut that I can get minced), cooking temperature, cooking oils, pan types etc etc.

    I can relocate the bun and the cheese - but cannot get the patty right at all.

    Has anyone ever been able to reproduce something similar to this?



  • Registered Users Posts: 32,275 ✭✭✭✭ rubadub

    Long thread here

    my post in that thread shows bunsen videos. Its the smash burger technique. In the thread I mention "firepit" tesco buns, as its no longer BBQ season they seem to have rebranded them as "finest" potato buns.
    rubadub wrote: »
    Bunsen smashing technique shown 1min40sec shows the steaming and extra liquid going under the bowl

    EDIT: he says bunsen use an "amish dinner roll", and does not think it qualifies as brioche. Tesco are now selling own brand potato burger buns which look similar enough to those in the video. No photos up yet
    On many US sites about burgers Martin's potato rolls are often highly recommended.

    Another Bunsen starts 10seconds in, says black aberdeen angus beef

    another bunsen, does not show the smashing well at all, and does not look like it got a decent crust, does show them weighing the presmashed meat balls and they are 150g which is 5.3oz, which is about the size I go for

    Wowburger smashing at 1min50s they do it really thinly, so thin holes appear in the burger. They are double stacking burgers so can get away with thin ones. If I had a cooking area that large I would do the same, so you get more crust overall in the 2 burgers. A good scraper is essential, they appear to use a wallpaper remover/scraper. They also steam the top, many will just steam the top, which I do too, otherwise the bottom is all squish in your hand with the sauce and it can fall apart.

    boxbuger smash at 2min 10s they also mention steaming later

    chili shack 2min19s brush butter on the pan/grill and use greaseproof paper under the smasher, this can allow for quick release, usually I leave the smasher on top so the burger cooks and steams and then it comes away easily

    most places use the smashing technique, makes a huge difference. I even unknowingly did it as a kid, but did both sides making it dry out, I use to pour fat back on as a kid. Wish I had knew how to do it correctly and would have had it all these years!

    Pretty sure bunsen reveal the cuts they use too, has to be high fat no matter what.