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Chest Xray?

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    Hi I'm 42 and quit smoking 9 and a bit years ago. At the stage in life where an overall health m. O. T. Might be an idea. Does anyone know how to check the state of my lungs? Presumably I look for a chest xray? I don't see it on my Health Insurance policy but I could enquire.

    Smoked from the age of 15 to 33,to varying severity. I'd like to see how the lungs are now and keep on top of things.

    Thoughts appreciated


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    Full MOT would be a good idea regardless. If you gave up 9 years ago, you should be in fairly good shape with regard to the smoking side of things. A lung function test may be what you are looking for? Outside of that, keeping fit and eating well should keep you on top of things!

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    Full Mot is no harm, got one as my 40th present for myself. In regards to the smoking they were more worried about my heart than lungs. Recently got a full mot on the heart including a calcium test all good no calcium, test is good for 5yrs apparently. Currently coming off the smokes again, down to 2/3 a day hopefully 0 tomorrow.
    The heart thing was the most expensive, I'd say nearly a grand all in. Has me motivated to kick the smokes for good though, don't think I'll get the same result in 5/10yrs.
    Getting your bloods done would probably tell you a lot. Your lungs are probably fine. If you feel generally healthy with no chest pains etc your probably healthy.

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    Thanks all. What is the test to check for plaque in the heart? I'm 42 so there's probably something anyway but hopefully not a problem.

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    Sussex18 wrote: »
    Thanks all. What is the test to check for plaque in the heart? I'm 42 so there's probably something anyway but hopefully not a problem.

    Calcium test, you can't get it on health insurance, it's cost me
    €240 only takes a few mins in a giant scanner https://www.bonsecours.ie/cardiac-calcium you'd need a referral. The consultant found nothing in any other tests so that's why they recommended that to be sure to be sure.

    I doubt you need one, have a good chat with a doctor and they'd have an idea if it would be any use.

    tbh I'm off the smokes a day after that post above, my chest pains are gone, haven't checked my heart rate but I'd hope it's dropped, got a letter yesterday from the consultant to say all good, come back and wear a holter again for 24hrs in 2yrs time just to see how's it's then but have the all clear.

    One thing in the running test they done, they were very clear not to push your heart over it's maximum zone, that can do real damage to a fit person. So just watch your heart rate when exercising.

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