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Media: Closure of Cunamh Adoption Services 'a huge disappointment'.......

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    The Irish Times (Patsy McGarry) are reporting on the closure of Cúnamh this morning.

    Many of us have had mixed receptions at Cúnamh down the years when we went there for assistance- particularly with tracing- I don't recognise a lot of the back slapping that the article mentions- and my own dealings with Anne Ronayne do not reflect the high level of service they suggest they aspired towards.

    Nevertheless- I am disappointed to see another independent agency go to the wall- as they do seem to have been singularly successful with traces over the last decade- versus the officialdom we all have to contend with when we contact the Adoption Authority.

    I have mixed feelings at the demise of Cúnamh- I hope the future is brighter for those searching for their birth families than the past has been.

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