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Pioneer issues from using phone

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    Has anyone heard of using a pioneer radio to make a call affecting the audio settings

    If i make a call it ends up resetting the audio settings on the source I was on to default, not the radio presets as most people say happens

    I've been told by the installer i might need to end the call and then turn off the ignition, which I don't buy into

    I did say about yellow/red cable to be told no its not that


  • What car is it?

    Does the radio turn off with the ignition?

  • colm_mcm wrote: »
    What car is it?

    Does the radio turn off with the ignition?

    2010 Ford Focus

    Yes it does

  • Ill explain what seems to be the sequence, could have happened without this but so far this is whats causing it the most

    Driving or engine running
    Answer call (auto answer setting on radio)
    Talk on call
    Stop and turn off engine but not the car as using radio and speakers to hear call
    Finish call and turn off car completely

    Get back into car and turn on car, radio comes on and sounds crap as loudness etc has been reset to off etc, radio station presets not effected