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Neil Francis' articles

  • 22-12-2019 1:00pm
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    I'm just an ordinary Joe Soap when it comes to rugby. Don't know the nitty gritty rules. Don't know difference between a ruck and a maul. I'm ok with that.
    I like reading about the game. But Neil Francis. Talk about being self indulgent. Maybe a whole lot of laziness too. Every time I see an article of his half of it is sbout the NBA or American football. I don't actually know which American game he's on about as I simply scroll down past the half way mark where he talks about Irish rugby.
    Is he a journalist or a columnist? Is he trying to impress with attendance at American sports games?

    How is this fellow employed as a sports writer?
    Does anyone actually read the introduction of his articles ( roughly half the content) or do you skip to half way down? Or do you just skip him entirely?


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    bobbyss wrote: »
    Is he a journalist or a columnist?

    A columnist.

    The problem is not Francis, it's that people no longer understand the difference.

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    Call me cynical, but two threads in one week referencing Franno's articles from accounts we've never seen before here.....

    Is poor aul Franno trying to drive up the clicks?

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    Op is Bobby Skin Stad.....former south African rugby player who is after copping on how easy it is to write ****e and make a living

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    This thread will go nowhere good. Closed.

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