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What a fad decade.

  • 20-12-2019 5:03pm
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    I haven’t done many threads or a big one in a while (thank ****).

    Well I suppose with it being 2020 soon, something seems to be coming to an end – if we ignore true maths for a second. Golf always loves the decades – the 100 , the 90 , the 80 , the 70 – the 10 on the the 10th and your still playing no matter what (lol)

    But as we hit 2020 , a post here on boards had me thinking – was from one of the unnamed and wiser philosophers here “Forums are Dead!”.

    It got me reflecting on that a bit and what the forum has been like for the last near ten years. Phones , whatsapp and new platforms have sadly killed what we loved. A good old forum. Twitter is total **** – little or no detail and very shallow and is occupied by product placement and extremists. Now I know that people were saying exactly the same here about 10 years ago – but hey “The youth of the day”.

    At the start of the 2010s , forums were kicking off big time and I was on a golf journey, things were not going great outside of golf – I was so naive about the game, the internet. Fundamentally I was playing out a failed childhood dream, but the sense of goodwill , help and contribution here was truly extraordinary.
    I got tips on coaching, equipment, distance measuring, distance control, course management, rules, clubs, pace of play, etiquette, playing abroad, society management, the industry.

    Amazing stuff – then on top of all that , I got incredible rounds of free golf, reduced rate golf, invites to play from total strangers. It was completely overwhelming to be honest.

    Yes it was a personal journey in search of something – but The Links Thread for example was more than just golf for me. I had moments on some of them courses that was simply more than golf (don’t want to go all Forest Gump yet).
    So – Can I say (as my wife would use) – “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You”.

    To who ? , everyone, The people I played with, the people who helped , the people I laughed with, the people I fell out with, the fantastic TROLLS, the GOD like MODs, the visitors on the absolutely hilarious major threads,
    I always loved the anonymity of the forum – meeting people in real life was kind of damaging to the fundamental freedom of expression that anonymity. But , I have to say such odd fun this was. Nights out , more great golf and meeting people outside of your comfort zone who have a singular commonality – Golf. It complete alters your view on stuff, exposes you to different ideas , concepts and challenges.

    Anyway , I’m not going anywhere, But thanks to all the amazing contributors here over the last 10 years. The technology , the forum, the people have changed. But, the dreams and goals of this extrodinary gift of golf never change.

    I think after almost 10 years, I found some of the answers and got some of the people I needed.


    Could you please post your own reflections on the last 10 years – I started off mentioning fads and it has been extraordinary decade of fads , the likes of Technology on the course, fat putter grips, aimpoint, low spin drivers, trackman lessons, poker chip ball markers, crazy clothes- any your happy to see stay or delighted they are gone.

    Slow play and handicap cheating was basically the biggest issue on the forum in my time here. I actually see better behaviour at this point – well done the GUI and the clubs who put great signs down for pace of play . ( I do know not too many people are into my run around form of golf) – But well done for the effort here.

    Also , the interclub scene is at a comical level – (when you talk to people privately) – this was the saddest part for me the last 10 years, it goes completely against everything golf means to me.

    On technology – played the other day with no phone , no battery , no laser , no anything – I’ve given up on resistance at this stage – but was never a fan of technology or phones on the course. But life changes. You change too.

    Equipment – golf has a drug problem with equipment , the amount amateurs are changing and the crazy decade of TM was a low point – 450 euro for a driver out of date 6 months down the line. I never imagined I’d say this, but no one is talking about the environmental impact , (watch this space). We all now in our hearts , equipment replacement is bull****. Golf is hard work out on the empty range and empty putting green.

    Golf courses, we seemed to have got past the incredibly tough times we had here – it was all played out on the forum , closures, money lost, nama – was tough and fraught at times. Sadly prices are getting a bit daft again. They needed to rise, but can we have a stop too .

    Pro Game – Besides the majors , the pro game has lost its way. They are at the stage they are so loaded , they just play where and when they like to, do they actually care about winning or losing? The pace of play is past disgraceful and is giving every min McIlroy (who is fast) and some older– the idea that it is acceptable. It isn’t, in the 5 hour long September medal. I’m nearly at a level I’d rather watch challenge tour. Except the majors – that I love love.

    Shane – well thank something for Shane , so many people were so wrong here about him it was great. I’m only sorry I didn’t back him as always knew he would win The Open.

    And – Sorry forgot about Paddy , what a joy he brought to the forum – brilliant , hilarious , frustrating in 24 hours. Paddy was almost the metaphor for the forum.

    Again – Any of your own reflections on the last 10 years.

    Thanks again guys and the girls. Catch some on a course in real life. People are ok too. :D


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    From a participation point of view, I have found the last decade to be the least enjoyable of the decades since I started playing golf in the early 80's. I blame technology and heightened expectations for this.

    The invent of range finders, and phones being brought on the course are my major bugbears. Rangefinders are now ubiquitous, nearly all players of all standards are taking them out of their bags or checking their wrist devices. The mobile phone it seems, cannot be left in the car before going to the first tee and texts/social media are checked regularly throughout the round. I don't know how many times I have looked across at players only to see them walking down the fairway looking at their phones, it kills the conversation/craic that used to be had.

    Also, for more understandable reasons, the after round pint is no longer a thing in golf. I used to love going in to the clubhouse for a couple of pints after a round before heading home, I was lucky, I lived on the grounds of a Golf Club so didn't have to drive afterwards, but very few go to the bar now.

    Also, for economic reasons, many characters left clubs during this decade. There was a time when I could go to clubs within a 20 mile radius and knew many of the golfers from society days or team events, many times over the last decade I heard so-and-so gave up their membership or has stopped playing and is rarely seen.

    I hope the 20's will bring a lot of those that gave up during the recession back, but I doubt it.

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    Again , I'm no longer totally anti-technology, but 4 Lads with 4 gps systems, 4 lasers and 4 Mobile phones is a fair criticism of the decade.

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    My golf decade started in 2014 with the boards society. The exact date was Dec 30th 2013. Particular thx to seveob for arranging back then and then charlieirl who welcomed me into the boards society with open arms.

    Dec 24th 2015 was when I joined my first course for 2016 season. My golf has improved since then.

    I've played some of the best courses in Ireland. Had a 2 over par round at the home of golf with a number of other boards friends there earlier this year. Scotland was a highlight. Looking forward to Portugal next year and the rest of 2020 and the new decade.

    Lastly having struggled on the greens in the last decade I've discovered my groove for 2020 and the new decade.

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    I suppose I only really started golfing in earnest around 2010. I had been playing prior to then, but primarily society golf. Think I first joined a club late in 2009, so it was really the year that I started playing regular golf.

    I remember this forum well from back then, and I remember reading your long rambling posts and threads Fix (fondly ;)). I'm thinking that maybe our pal Break80 should resurrect your old thread himself and not be allowed to hand it over until he has the job done. Then there's bound to be someone else ready to take up the mantle.

    I think that the forum was a bit different back then alright. Outside of the major threads, there maybe was a bit more engagement. Or maybe it was just me more engaged, as I was really only starting to get into golf in a serious way.

    I've taken & learned a lot from this place myself. I think that the Society is brilliant. I've never really come across a Society like it before, and I do regret taking so long to get involved. I've made friends on this place. There are other posters on here I'd love to have a game of golf with some time too, even a few of the more controversial ones :D

    I don't know if golf has gotten slower in recent times due to tech. Slow golfers will always be slow. To be honest with you, I still remember my longest games of golf being out with an old work society in the mid 2000s, some of which were torturously long depending on who you were caught behind. Very few, if any had any tech with them. If anything, GPS would probably have sped a few of those lads up (28 handicap guys who were pacing out shots to the nearest marker, only to step up & duff it 10 yards in front of them. Rinse, and repeat). A GPS would at least have given them a quick distance.

    There is a fine line there alright before it becomes overkill. Really, its probably a bigger problem with people mirroring the Pros behaviours on the course.

    I'm in my 40th year now, into a new decade, so moving towards middle age. Still so much to do & achieve, and so many amazing courses to play. Hopefully its a good golfing decade for all of us & the forum grows with us!