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Ideas for a gift

  • 06-12-2019 12:18am
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    Just wondering if anyone could give any ideas on what to get for someone.

    Basically it's a mate of mine and we never would exchange gifts in the past. However, I am good friends with his girlfriend and I'm a big gift giver so I've got her some 'Friends' merchandise as she adores the show. I don't want to give that to her and nothing to my mate. The problem is, he's not the easiest to buy for. He works as an electrician and also a barman in his spare time. He doesn't have many specific interests.

    ATM, I've got him a wash bag spray set and one of those novelty bars of chocolate so just need one more thing to make it look better. It's nothing major, just a small gift.

    Any ideas what to get a fella like that for under €10?