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Recommend a fountain pen for secondary school use/quick writing?

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    My son, who is in third year, likes to use a fountain pen. He currently has a cheap Parker Vector pen that takes Quink cartridges. It did improve the quality of his handwriting.

    The thickness of its line and the general feel make his writing quite slow, but he is saying he does even worse with a usual ball point pen. So I'm looking at getting him a better fountain pen.

    But I know very little about fountain pens. How do I choose the pen that is right for him? Might be ideal for him to try things out with different pens, but would Limerick, where we are, even have a place that would have a selection of fountain pens to try? I googled around but all I could find was a shop in Dun Laoghaire, not exactly easy to reach.

    The budget I'd have is up to 50 Euro. I understand there are really great fountain pens at around 100 Euro, but I am not comfortable getting a tool like that for secondary school. (Third level would be different),


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