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Laptop for coding, light gaming - thoughts on this?


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    well if you want the gaming the full 1650 card vs 1050 max-q - there would be at least 50% difference in gpu power.

    also the asus is only the 2gb video ram version. 2gb video ram is too low for a lot of games these days even for some older games

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    you should also consider the Thinkpad extreme - very highly rated, also with 1650 card and lighter than the Dell

    apparently there is some discount on lenovo for signing up to a newsletter and check what they offer on black friday

    btw the i5 h chips are probably enough for you - don't get hung up on going for the i7 h cpu.

    also 4k and oled displays will reduce battery life. imo 1080p good for that size


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    another option is the dell 7000 15

    premium metal build. lighter than xps or lenovo @ 3.5 lbs

    discrete nvidia graphics

    should be discounts over the next few days

    even the base model is better than your Asus as has 3gb video ram but you'd probably go for the 1650 card model imo. the 9300h cpu is enough for most uses tbh

    they have UHD screen options also 500 nits, again for cheaper than the xps, and a good bit lighter.

    edit - 3.5 lbs for the smaller (52wh) battery version. not sure what the bigger batter version weighs - probably another 200g anyways.

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    you can get 20% off the top spec dell 7000 15 with code BF20IE. Offer ends 1nd December.

    so for less than 1400 (1699 less 20%) you get the 6-core i7 cpu, 1650 card, 500 nits UHD (3840 x 2160) display. 16gb ram, 512gb ssd, premium magnesium build, light

    seems like all that you want really.

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