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Window Silhouettes

  • 22-11-2019 6:20pm
    Registered Users Posts: 11 Craggo

    We had one of these window silhouettes for ages, however it broke. It was a train and it looked like it was moving in the window. I haven’t seen one like it anywhere since. I’ve seen a few places online but they are all out of stock. Does anyone have any suggestions of places that might do a similar one ? Here’s a photo :


  • Registered Users Posts: 11 Craggo

    Found the item it’s grand.

  • Moderators, Business & Finance Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators Posts: 21,339 Mod ✭✭✭✭ Loughc

    Craggo wrote: »
    Found the item it’s grand.

    Where you find them?