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Training shoes for sprints

  • 11-11-2019 8:39pm
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    New to sprint traininga nd completely clueless about the gear. What sort of shoes should I get for trackwork? Training will be focussed on 1/200m.

    Any brands or models I should look out for?


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    I usually look at whats available on a site like sportshoes$terrain=track-and-field&l=36

    Then I read and watch reviews for whatever model I'm interested in. Soon as the spikes arrive,try them on, usually without socks but thats up to you. If they're too big/small straight back in the box and send them back. I've hesitated a couple of times and ended up being stuck with spikes that id paid 80e for and worn once. If youve any doubt, send them back, should be a pretty snug fit, no big gap at the front or toes being cramped.

    Alternatively, if you don't want that messing you can go to runhub in Dublin, try them on there, make sure when talking to the sales person you specify its for the 100/200m.

    You'll need a pair of runners for warming up and off season training, then spikes for training/racing. You probably have runners already so i'm sure they'll do.

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    Be sure to get sprint spikes, not middle distance spikes.

    Regular runners fine for most of the warm up, s&c and longer sessions you’ll do, but sprint spikes essential for speed work and racing.

    Very difficult to buy though! But not as expensive as regular runners, usually 65-80€. I’d get them in run hub, certainly your first pair, IF they have them in stock which they often don’t.

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    Startfitness website your best bet. I've never been able to find sprint spikes in stock anywhere in Ireland. Given up at this stage.