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House refit

  • 27-10-2019 3:56pm
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    Ok currnelt house was built in 2010 / 2011 , power turned on in Sep 2011, so no grants available ??

    house is 2500 sq foot, walls were pumped last year

    We have under floor heating down stairs and rads up stairs, oil boiler, no solar

    we are thinking of getting PV, and battery, also maybe 2 x Solar to heat water, we have twin coil joule tank.

    what do you think the best options are to improve house, heating / insulation


  • Registered Users Posts: 438 ✭✭ mike_2009

    What BER are you currently?
    I'd go with PV panels as they are the most economical. Leave Battery for a while. Divert to Immersion and use your hot water cylinder as your "battery". No messing with pumps / fluids in a solar thermal system. See if you can do east/west to get more power when your most likely to use it (morning / evening). A good roofer and you can get the panels put up and maximise the number. Outlay a few grand but if you're clever you can keep this down. There's some experienced members here who could contribute.
    Air tightness would be next. Get a blower door test and see how bad it is. Then see about improving that and consider mechanical ventilation.
    Check out the Attic - has it got 300mm insulation, easy win, lay 90 degree to existing and don't cover vents at eaves.