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Mediatek GPS Navigator 7" - Height Restrictions

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    Hi everyone,

    Is anyone familiar with the Mediatek GPS Navigator? It's 7" and looks like a tablet and has a host of features like video, music and photography but it's know for it's handy GPS system.

    Someone got me to have a look at it as he's a courier driver so he drives all over the country. He told me he got it online for about €56 with postage and packaging and it was the European map one he got.

    I have pictures attached.

    Certain places he drives to have height restriction bars for larger vehicles so he wants the GPS to be able to navigate him to routes that will avoid these height restrictions.

    I noticed on the settings if you go to "Route Settings", you can choose your vehicle (car, lorry ect) and choose specific dimensions like height, width, length and so on. I wonder if inputting correct details of the vehicle in theory should then avoid routes that would have such height restrictions?


  • Quick way to find out is to give it a height setting which is above a known bridge height i.e. you're driving a vehicle which will not fit under that bridge. Then plan a route which should go under that bridge and see if it sends you under or around it.