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Positive Psychology & Resilience


  • I don't think it's innate and I don't think it's teachable. If you are homeless and need food you can't (imho) be taught resilience. If there is the presence of a caring adult as in the above scenario it's more likely (although not stated in the article) that other basic needs may also be fulfilled. I'm a big fan of Seligmans and Chechgetmihi (not googling it) idea of PERMA but added diet activity and sleep to it.
    Imho this can only be utilised after the trauma/social problem has been dealt with.

  • How come you think it isn't teachable? There is so much evidence to the contrary

  • Sorry didn't structure that well. I meant I don't think it's teachable while you are in the midst of something traumatic, ie homelessness. I don't think you can teach a child resilience and then pack them back to a hotel room and a "TV dinner". I think we have a **** storm coming down the tracks there tbh.

    (An opinion and open to correction/learning.)

  • Oh yeah, I'd share that opinion! I think it's something to do while things are going ok, a partially effective vaccine rather than a treatment or cure. :)

  • We're entirely lacking the social bit of bio-psycho-social approaches.
    An individual exists in a society.

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  • From what I can see in the services it's a bio bio bio approach. Many/most are discharged if they come of medication.